Thought for the day

This struck me today – Berwick Rangers have a stronger claim to join the EPL than Rangers or Celtic. Discuss.


3 thoughts on “Thought for the day

  1. Geographically yes as they are based in the English bordertown of Berwick upon Tweed. However quality wise they would be in some kind of lower Blue Square North Division. The Old Firm are clearly…… Championship standard. The problem is the argument that Welsh teams Cardiff and Swansea compete in English leagues cant really stand Rangers and Celtic in good stead as to my knowledge Swansea have never actually played in a Welsh league as they joined the English Southern League pretty soon after their formation and Cardiff also joined this league (or the one below) a few years later. So both have been part of the make up of the English football leagues for nearly 100 years or more. I think the Old Firm’s best hopes are off a British League Cup, or if some allocation was made in the English League Cup for the 12 SPL sides but only if there was some way to fit it into an already congested fixture list on either side of the border.

  2. Ultimately, the English Premier League is about money. The Old-Firm are two of the best supported teams in Britain, with large turnovers despite little television money, as well as loyal fanbases not only in Scotland but throughout the globe. The Old-Firm would make a lot of money. Berwick Rangers would not make any money, for obvious reasons. Ergo, your claim is disputed.

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