Idiotic Statement of the Week

As everyone in the world is aware, Rangers are currently in administration. This has led to the 10 non-Old Firm clubs holding discussions on a number of matters to change, among other things, the voting regime for various decisions the Scottish Premier League (“SPL”) has to make.

For any major changes, such as the structure of the league, a majority of 11-1 is currently required for a vote to pass. The “SPL 10” wish to change this structure so that 9-3 will suffice for a structural change.

All at least vaguely laudable – Rangers’ financial situation as at least given the other 10 sides a chance to take stock and consider their own financial sustainability. However, this “gang of 10” is being led by Michael Johnston, chairman of League Cup winners Kilmarnock, who this week likened the 10’s situation to…. the Arab Spring. So yes, residents of Homs, think of the plight of Inverness Caledonian Thistle not being able to fill their 7,000 capacity stadium next time you step outside your home, rather than selfishly avoiding those shells hitting your neighbourhood.

Johnston’s words were, for the record, the following:

“The Arab Spring has reached Scotland,” Johnston told BBC Radio Scotland’s Sportsound programme.

“So hopefully we can be as successful as some of the pro-democracy movements elsewhere. This is the pro-democracy movement. It’s not a gang of 10 or anything subversive. ”

If this is the level of the “SPL 10” ‘s PR initiative, expect that 11-1 structure to remain in place for the next thousand years or so.