Completely Off-Topic – Forth Bridge Abseil, 21 October 2012

A large, red, Victorian era railway bridge, yesterday.

This post is completely and utterly off my usual topic of complaining about football, but something I thought worth mentioning.

Yesterday, myself and four cohorts abseiled off the Forth (Rail) Bridge for charity, a full 165ft onto the beach at South Queensferry. We were doing this for a charity called nico35, which was set up by a colleague of mine (Nick Stormonth) after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Nick sadly passed away at the start of September and is much missed by friends, family and colleagues alike.

We have already raised at least £1,000 between the five of us (and that’s a conservative estimate) – if anyone would like to donate more to the cause, please check the nico35 website for further information on how to donate.

Team Abseil

As for the abseil itself, it was quite an experience. Probably the worst bit was climbing over the little fence on the walkway and being told “yeah just climb onto that beam over there.” Luckily the bloke connecting me up to the ropes was also called Graeme (right spelling as well) so I knew I was in safe hands. Once I was on the wee beam, it was a case of being told to sit in the harness… and go down.

Going down…

Finally, in my view you can never have enough charity links in a blog post, so here’s another – get yourselves over to and please give generously to a fantastic cause.


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