A Year of Blog, A Year of Sport

It’s been a good year for the old blog, so I just wanted to briefly thank everyone for reading my stuff over the past year and ask you to  please keep coming back next year. The last few months in particular have provided some (for me) big page-viewing numbers, with the Olympics, the Craig Demmin interview and my trip to the Vicente Calderon being the obvious highlights.  The past year has also taught me that self-promotion is the key; yes I do plug my blog posts quite eagerly on Facebook and Twitter, but it needs to be done.

Inspire a Generation

The phrase of the summer, and the legacy of 2012’s fantastic 12 months of sport.

Experiencing one of the most incredible years of sport of my lifetime has certainly helped, providing some inspiration particularly in late July and early August. Euro 2012, the Olympics, the Paralympics, Andy Murray winning the US Open, the Ryder Cup and the tense end to the F1 drivers’ championship were just some of the highlights. Putting these events in a small list doesn’t really do them justice.

As I mentioned back in August, the Olympics were just fantastic and were the pinnacle of the year for me. From Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony to Anthony Joshua’s gold medal on the final day (the less said about the closing ceremony, the better), they inspired a nation and made us all forget about the country’s economic woes for a fortnight. We rediscovered some pride in being British, and thanks to the sharp focus on the Games’ “legacy”, the UK should have excellent sporting facilities at its disposal for the next 30 or 40 years. The work being done in Glasgow at the moment in preparation for the 2014 Commonwealth Games should extend this legacy and enthusiasm for sport – I certainly saw a demonstration of that earlier this month in Glasgow with several thousand in attendance at the Glasgow World Cup Gymnastics .

In all, just a magnificent year of sport, both for the neutral and especially for the Brit. 2013 doesn’t have the same potential for highlights but I hope it provides me with enough to write about and keep the page views on the rise.


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