East Fife’s First Live Televised Match

I can be a bit self-contradictory sometimes. Give me the choice between watching a Manchester United match on the telly and going to Old Trafford, and I’d bite your hand off for a seat in the Stretford End, despite their relatively terrible season. Today, however, I was far more excited about East Fife, my team since I was 6 years old, appearing on live television for the very first time. As such, my viewing was to be had in a pub in Edinburgh rather than in a cold seat in the east of Fife.

The match in question was against Rangers, who are of course currently running away with League 1 in their quest to get back into the Scottish Premiership as quickly as possible, while spending money far beyond what is necessary to get out of part-time leagues. The game was on BT Sport, who are of course the new kid in town as far as sport channels are concerned. Their presentation looked decent, with two of our players strangely being taken out on a car-drifting course during the pre-match build-up. The audience was also introduced to the East Fife squad and their various nicknames.

The match itself produced a gutting, last-minute penalty win for Rangers. While East Fife didn’t create a great deal, they kept Rangers at bay excellently until the last. It was fantastic to see my team on the telly, with Methil and its environs looking rather pleasant in the crisp wintry sunshine. Surreal it was, but I was a proud man to see my home town team put in an excellent display in their first ever live game. I hope it won’t be another 24 years before I see us live on the TV again.


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