Premier League Preview 2014-15

Will Louis van Gall bring happier times back here?

Will Louis van Gaal bring happier times back here?


Disclaimer – I started this post on 4 August. Since then work has been a bit mad, and obviously the Premier League season has started. So rather than go into analysis about each team, I’ve just decided to print the table and be done with it. The table was also done pre-Pulis’s resignation but frankly I think I’ll just stick to my guns and hope for the best.


It’s here again – the patented footblawl season preview for the Barclays Premier League. By and large I seem to get these predictions very wrong, though I did get last season’s champions (Manchester City) and the previous season’s champions (Manchester United) right. After a fantastic World Cup, the Premier League will have to go some this season to convince us that the club game is where it’s at. Things will get underway a week today; here’s how I see the table looking at about 4:45 on the 24th of May next year:

1. Manchester City

2. Chelsea

3. Manchester United

4. Arsenal

5. Liverpool

6. Tottenham Hotspur

7. Everton

8. Newcastle United

9. West Ham United

10. Swansea City

11. Stoke City

12. Crystal Palace

13. Sunderland

14. Hull City

15. Southampton

16. Queens Park Rangers

17. Leicester City

18. West Bromwich Albion

19. Burnley

20. Aston Villa


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