Billy Sharp

Just a brief one on this tonight. Football fans may not have heard of the tragic death of Doncaster Rovers’ striker Billy Sharp’s 2-day-old son on Saturday. Sharp scored tonight, playing for Doncaster in a home game against Middlesbrough, and on scoring lifted his shirt to reveal a t-shirt in tribute to his son (“that’s for you son”).  An incredibly poignant moment for an incredibly brave bloke coming back so soon after such a horrific event. My sympathies to him and his family. Doncaster lost 3-1 in the end but for once the result wasn’t the most important story in the match.

Plus, the referee (Darren Deadman) deserves praise for not capriciuously sticking to the rule of the law and booking Sharp for lifting his shirt. Common sense is not something which pervades the administrators of football, and for showing some he deserves serious credit. One only hopes it doesn’t get him in trouble with the FA.