Sense of Humour Bypass Portuguese-style

"Not Incredible"

Last night, Man City fans, rather humorously, decided to sing “You’re Not Incredible” at Porto striker Hulk (or Ulche) during their team’s 4-0 drubbing of Porto in the second leg of their Europa League last 32 tie. For a chap with an alleged €88m release clause (which Chelsea are allegedly willing to pay at some point in the not too distant future, if you are daft enough to believe Caught Offside), he was pretty, pretty poor. What is incredibly unhumorous is Porto’s reaction to said chant.

There is, as ever, some back story to this. In last week’s first leg, there were claims of racist chanting aimed at City’s black players coming from various sections of Porto’s Dragao stadium. This was (rightly) reported to UEFA by City for the governing body to investigate. Racism and football have of course been rather prevalent in the news of late (see “Handshakegate”, and every other news outlet on the planet). UEFA have yet to decide on this particular racism issue; Porto’s current excuse is their fans were in fact singing “Kun Kun Kun (never mind that Sergio Aguero plays for the opposition), Hulk Hulk Hulk.”

The fact that Porto have now decided to complain to UEFA over a pretty funny chant as being “disrespectful”, “unsporting” and “not part of the game” obviously has nothing to do with City’s complaint. Not only is Porto’s complaint utterly capricious and totally lacking in any kind of sense of humour, it also makes a complete mockery of what is an incredibly important issue in both football and wider society. They should be ashamed of themselves; chances are they aren’t.

(Picture courtesy of Steindy, on Hulk’s Wikipedia article –